Liferay and localization

With Liferay 6.0 you were unable to build news portals in different languages using mirror technique (“one web content in all languages”). This was huge bug for all those people who wanted to make portal outside English-speaking area. This disadvantage was corrected in Liferay 6.1 and now you can enter title and abstract in every language you want (from those in integrated in Liferay 🙂 ). But what about other parts of Liferay, are those prepared for localization? Well answer is NO. Liferay still has long road to go to be fully prepared for such sites. For example you can’t localize notification emails (specially the one about registration in your portal).

So if you want this to be made quickly Vote for LPS-18394 (which was recently updated from “–Sprint – 08/11” to “Product Backlog”)