Liferay 6.0 Newsletter portlet – update

Hi all,

As we getting more and more questions about Newsletter portlet (when and how much) here is a little update.

We’re aiming at end of March with release of both Community and Commercial version of our Newsletter portlet. For now we know that it will have double licencing – one for commercial use and one for non-profit, educational purposes. We still thinking about shareing source code – how to do it so we can re-use all the upgrades made to it by community so it can be more functional with every release.

For now our newsletter is scope aware (so you can define different newsletter channels for different scopes e.g communities). Newsletters emails are made by editors with a help of WYSIWYG editor. Editors can assign / delete emails from newsletter channel and export user list to CSV file. There is additional portlet for sign in and out of Newsletter where users can choose desired channels.

Those are basic functionalities planned for first release. We have couple of more waiting in our queue but for now I want to hear what other functionalities do you need boys and girls? 🙂


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