Week in Review: community programs, localization,

  • Jonas X. Yuan has twitted some interesting stuff:

#Liferay 6.1 - Allow for #retrieval of #localized  title and summary from #AssetPublisher
#Liferay 6.1 - #Localization of #title and #description of web content

       At last, Liferay localization features got proper attention. Building multi-language sites will be much easier with those changes.

  • Liferay annouced training courses schedule. As Jeffrey Handa wrote there are new tranings prepared for this year: Theme training, Advanced Developer training and Social Office Admin training (which will be based on Social Office 1.6!!!). Enroll today – there are early bird discounts
  • James Falkner annouced two community programs.  First is “100 Paper Cuts” based on similar project from Canonical Ltd. (makers of Ubuntu Linux). The second one is Community Leadership Program. Now you can be a leader and close some unecessary tickets or review community contribiutions. Both should speed up process of applying community made patches to Liferay core and rise up ease of use for Liferay Portal CMS.
  • Some nice improvements were maid to Category portlet
  • Alimozzaman Rony wrote on his blog a post about velocity variables that are defined in init.vm. We think it’s a very good compilation so we added those to Liferay Wiki page about velocity template language

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