Update on Newsletter portlet for Liferay Portal

When we first started developing Newsletter portlet we thinked about doing it fast (we needed for our project). That is why we made it directly in Liferay code thinking that later it will be excluded to ext-plugin (and later to external portlet). Well Summer and Fall went by and nothing changed. Almost nothing – we mastered portlet communications and re-use of Liferay portlets (exactly Asset Publisher). So when I wrote about Newsletter portlet I didn’t know that my developers started work on moving it from Liferay core to ext-plugin external portlet. This will allow us to be more independent from Liferay source code changes and to develop changes for next milestones much quicker than expected.

As for business side of that portlet – we want to release it on double licence (currently I’m thinking about which one we should use).  One will be commercial licence with support, user guide. Probably it will be unlimited licence so you will but it one and use it forever so you don’t have to worry about cost of buying it (it will be cheap 🙂 ).

Second one will be free licence. And here we’re thinking how to do it. We can limit functionalities (IMHO it’s not so good idea) but without our advertisement or we can give full functionalities but with little non intrusive ads (for example with our company website address in footer of every mail. Or maybe give it all but only for educational and non-profit purposes?

What do you think about that? Which one would you prefer?


3 Responses to Update on Newsletter portlet for Liferay Portal

  1. Eduardo says:

    Where we could find a list of features this Newsletter Portlet is going to have?

  2. Alvaro Morejon says:

    We are very interested in this portlet,

    When its going to be released?

  3. Christian says:

    Nice – we are very interested, too.

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